eliminate “never, no one, every time or always” thinking

eliminate “never, no one, every time or always” thinking

It’s natural and normal to have negative thoughts come up in your head. Some of us, unfortunately, are primed to see the bad in every situation. But here’s the good news — you are in control of your thoughts and emotions, and if you choose, you can always counter and deconstruct negative thoughts, and replace them with positive and uplifting ones. 

Some people often find themselves thinking in the extremes i.e. in the terms of never, always, everyone, no one, everything, nothing. 

Here are some examples:

No one loves and supports me.

I always make things worse.

I will never get out of debt. 

Nothing is working out for me. 

These kinds of thoughts are not only false and absurd, but they also rob you of hope, positivity, happiness, and peace of mind.

Of course, it’s not true that nobody loves, supports, and cherishes you. You do have some innate skills and talents that make things better for you and everyone else. If you are reading this, then there are obviously some things that are working out for you — maybe you’re blessed in certain areas and you don’t know it. And yes, you can definitely get out of consumer debt if you practice discipline and do the necessary actions. 

You’re the one who has created your present circumstances. And you have the power to change them. You can make the decision today to feel confident, loved, blessed, happy, fortunate, abundant, cared for, and so on. 

If there’s something that’s absolutely true, it’s the fact that you can always change yourself and work towards becoming your best self and creating the life that you desire and deserve… every single day!