embrace ikigai to protect your holistic health

Passion. Mission. Vocation. Profession. When these four elements combine, when you find your ikigai, that is, your true purpose, not only does the life force within you get ignited, but you also equip yourself to make your highest contribution to the world. You become an instrument of service, and a superior human and humanitarian. 

Work, then, is no longer something that you have to do; instead, it becomes something that you get to do every day of your life. It’s nothing short of magic. 

You no longer live to work, but instead, you work to live. This may seem like a trivial wordplay but in actuality, it can be a key differentiator between living a good life and existing a mediocre one.

There’s another great advantage to designing a life and lifestyle around this concept. Your personal ikigai can also be an indispensable tool in your arsenal to protect your holistic health when you go through a crisis. What we are all going through at the moment during this pandemic, both individually and as a global community, can’t be expressed in words. It’s a surreal and tragic occurrence to say the last, and it’s easy to get distressed, anxious and overwhelmed as we go through it. And this is where focusing on ikigai every single day can be a lifesaver for us.

Not living a life of purpose can be a major threat to our well-being and overall health. But when we have a sense of purpose in our lives, an ikigai that makes us jump out of bed each morning, we look forward to life and get naturally inspired to focus on hope and positivity. We pay attention to our routines, our work schedules, our daily disciplines and take better care of ourselves. We become a source of happiness and leadership and help elevate the lives of others.

Living our personal legend can have a ripple effect in all areas of our life and has countless benefits. We just can’t afford to live and work half-heartedly, especially not during these times. 

If you’re someone who is still clueless about your ikigai, you owe it to yourself and your success and well-being to figure it out. Discovering it can be a game-changer for you, not only in the present times but also in the uncertain future that awaits all of us.