embrace the magic of the unknown

Sometimes, we feel that we’re at a dead end. We brainstorm yet we arrive at no solutions. We think and think but nothing shows up. We run out of ideas, we witness our own creativity and resourcefulness diminish. We think we’re at the end of the road and there’s nowhere to go. But we’re wrong. The dark abyss that we are staring at, that dreaded vacuum is not evil; it’s actually a place of great magic, a glorious place that promises wonder and opportunity.

Dead ends are nothing but new beginnings. As Melody Beattie writes in her book Journey to the Heart, “Sometimes we have to run out of our ideas before we can open to any new ones. The reason we can’t see any further is because our ideas are limited by the past, by past experiences, by what life has been like before. Our future doesn’t have to be limited by our past. Life knows that. Now we can learn it, too. We’re not at a dead end. We’ve reached a new beginning.”

No matter how uncertain or gloomy the future looks, believe that it is a time of magic. Surrender to the workings of the Universe, let it be your guide and show you things that you have never seen before. The busyness of life had kept you stagnant, but now you’re again naked and new. You’re again at the ground zero, and open and vulnerable enough to start again. To begin a new journey that lies in front of you. 

Celebrate the uncertainty and the mystery of the unknown. Embrace the magic that it brings with it. Be joyful for the opportunities and the miracles that will come to you as life unfolds.