embrace the pursuit - part 1

Our society and culture have influenced us to believe that we need to work hard all our lives to earn a great deal of money so that eventually we are able to retire rich and attain financial freedom that would, in turn, allow us to hop from one beach resort to another, surf and play golf whenever we want to and travel to exotic places for a significant portion of our time. But this is not the thought pattern of the extraordinary and uber-successful people amongst us.

There are so many of us who quit their jobs or take a break from their business ventures for a couple of years to enjoy the finer pleasures of life, but after a certain amount of time, they get bored, sad and sometimes even depressed. It turns out that we can’t go long without having a pursuit.

We all need a pursuit in our lives. It gives joy and juice to life. It’s our means as well as our end, our journey as well as our destination.

The human creative spirit wants to get expressed, stretched and manifested in one form or the other. You can call this pursuit by different words — vision, purpose, chase, quest, or mission — they all point to the same thing.

In simple words, without pursuit, there is no life. As Proverbs instructed us, “Where there is no vision the people perish.” The pursuit is what gives life the much-needed verve. It’s an essential element that is interwoven in the tapestry of life.

The top performers amongst us can’t live without a pursuit for long, and they believe that not having one is as good as dying.

A pursuit is the lifeline of superachievers. They know that without one, they will already die within. No matter what they choose to do, they feel inspired to do it with full throttle and relentless focus. They are totally consumed by the pursuit, regardless of its scale or field. Without it, there’s no pizzazz and oomph in their lives, and life becomes nothing but a bland and monochromatic existence.