employ minimalism in learning

We all are bombarded with so many resources every day. As learners and personal growth enthusiasts, it becomes incredibly difficult for us to navigate through all the educational materials in the finite hours that we’ve got, whether they be books, audiobooks, courses, podcasts or online challenges.

If we look at any superachiever, whether be they be an artist, an entrepreneur, an author, a philanthropist or an athlete, they are all minimalists in their crafts. They are all monomaniacally focused on one thing at a time. And they employ this strategy for their learning as well.

Like them, we can limit our circle of mentors and influencers too. Instead of following and listening to everyone, we can heed advice from a few advisors who resonate with our life philosophy and mindset and heartset the most. 

Once you find someone you connect, immerse yourself in their materials and all that they have to offer. Go deep with them, stick with their teachings and master their principles.

We don’t need to clutter our mind with information from different sources; instead, we need to choose just one source and go from there. In essence, we need to learn less and study more. Instead of digging shallow holes everywhere in order to build a well-spring, we need to keep digging at one spot so that we go deep and are able to extract all that well has to offer to remain well-hydrated and keep our mind enriched as we walk on the path to our greater success.

So, instead of reading and listening to 30 books this year, focus only on 10. Instead of enrolling in 5 courses, enroll in 1 that can have the biggest impact on a chosen aspect of your life. Instead of watching random YouTube videos, just focus on a few inspiring mentors and only watch their content. Instead of consuming bits and pieces of wisdom and knowledge from the most powerful and influential figures who have lived on this planet, just focus on one person and go through their autobiography and learn from their life trajectory.

Learn like a minimalist. Focus on a few mentors and go deep with them. Make them an integral part of your life. Instead of feeling confused about who to follow and trying to catch up with the learning resources from multiple influencers, focus your time, energy and attention on exclusively those who help you unlock your highest potential. This will help you create exceptional artworks, and become world-class at what you do.