empty is beautiful

As we start living a minimalist lifestyle, the more we declutter and discard, the more spaces start showing up in our homes, workspaces and in our days.

As we have been conditioned to fill up every space we have, we may find this emptiness out of the place and weird. As you encounter urges to fill up the empty spaces again, don’t act on them.

It takes time to get used to a new way of living and to adjust our eyes and change our perception. With time, we’ll start appreciating emptiness and the beauty that it is filled up with.

Emptiness brings peace and harmony in our lives. Like musical instruments, we need spaces to make our life soulful, soothing and melodic as well.

Empty is not scarce, empty is not bad. Empty is gorgeous, empty is sophistication. Empty is class, empty is beautiful.

The more we embrace emptiness and become cognizant of its virtue, the better our life becomes.

Make empty your way of life, a blank notebook in which you write the poetry of your life, a canvas where you only add colors that bring joy and meaning to you.

Make emptiness your priority, your default setting, instead of putting stuff on a pedestal and incessantly worshipping it.