every day is a fresh new start

Often we weigh ourselves down by our past behaviors, mishaps and mistakes. Our non-adherence to our disciplines and not acting in accordance with our inner values and philosophy causes a turmoil within us. We end up getting stuck in the negative cycles of shame, guilt and self-judgment.

But we can’t keep feeding this downward spiral, otherwise we’ll get caught up in our previous patterns, that we left for good, again. It happens to all of us, we all fall off our discipline wagons, and we all at some point lose our streaks. It’s okay! Instead of stewing and brooding, we need to let it go and move forward.

We just need to take account of any lessons that we learn, add them to our learning file and start looking ahead again. If we get stuck for too long, we affect our momentum and slow down our progress.

Think of each day as a miniature life. We are all reborn every day and each day that we get is a fresh new start. What has happened, whether it be two weeks back or 10 minutes ago is past. It doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is what we do now, and that’s what we need to pay attention to.