every journey is worthwhile

All of us choose our own journey and there are so many factors that dictate our choices — our intuition, our past experiences, our future expectations, our peer group, and social circle, and our own foundational values.

The path that we have trod in our past and the one that we are contemplating to walk on in the future is ultimately our decision. Instead of feeling regret over our past journey and the routes that we have taken or feeling anxious or worried about our future, we need to feel contented and happy with what we have and who we are right now.

Every journey comes with its own unique experiences, successes and lessons. It defines and shapes who we are today and who we desire to become in this lifetime.

We commit a great mistake when we compare our journey to others’, or worst, copy them and take the same avenues that they have taken; it never serves us well.

Instead, it’s best to enjoy the present moments that we have been bestowed upon with and look at the journey as it is and as it unfolds without labeling it ‘good’ or ‘bad’. If we change our lens and start looking at things from the right perspective, we will start realizing that every journey is worthwhile and has its own unique treasures.

Believe in yourself and your gifts and trust the timing of the Universe. Have faith that things are working out for you and start enjoying your present journey, without any qualms or expectations. That’s the best way to keep moving forward as life unfolds in front of us.