excavate the negativity within you

We all have a dark side within us, the one that keeps us away from loving ourselves and the people around us, from letting others love and adore us, and from enjoying the juiciness of life.

It’s important that we look for the buried negative feelings from past events — shame, fear, anger, hurt, resentment — that are affecting our present moments. We need to examine our subconscious beliefs and let go of the limiting ones that keep us away from the life that we desire.

With love, compassion and empathy for ourselves, we need to excavate all the guilt within us that we have accumulated over time and get it out under the sun.

We need to let go of our fears and apprehensions with regard to what we may find during this process. The most important thing is that through this soul-searching and self-examination exercise, we can cleanse ourselves and dissolve our dark side. We can lift the veil from our face and see things clearly again. As a result, we start feeling better about ourselves and our life again and are able to form better quality relationships with others as well.