express your funky side

Studies have shown that when we enhance our authenticity, we not only increase our motivation, but we also decrease symptoms of depression. As an outcome, we feel more energetic and focused. 

In our day to day life, we all experience sudden stresses, whether they be at work or at home, that throw us off course and get us going in the downward negative spiral. In those times, rather than suppressing our negative emotions and putting a smile on our faces, it’s much better to express them. 

It’s good to have negative emotions co-exist along with positive ones. Expressing our full range of emotions makes us more resilient and helps us cope with setbacks and adversities easily. 

It’s important to think authentic, feel authentic, be authentic and act authentic. Authenticity boosts our confidence, enhances our problem-solving ability, helps us feel more self-connected, and makes us less self-conscious and anxious.

It’s okay to feel what we truly want to feel. We are all complex beings after all, and we need our complexity to thrive and be able to lead more effectively. As Srini Pillay writes: “In every one of us, there’s a funky side that needs expression—a side that will add to our intelligence and humanness. If we keep sterilizing who we are to fit in, we’ll never be at home with ourselves or the world at large.”