face reality, but be hopeful

You may be going through some difficult times, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be optimistic about your future. You can still harbor positivity within you in the present as you encounter setbacks and negative emotions.

Maybe you’re separated from your family right now due to travel restrictions. Maybe you just lost your job. Maybe your finances are crumbling. Maybe you’re feeling lonely and depressed and things are getting worse with every passing day. Whatever you’re going through now, whatever emotions you are experiencing, know that things will get better eventually. Good times will definitely come. 

Change is an integral part of nature. It’s inevitable. So, no matter what difficulties you are going through today, have faith that the future has many great things in store for you. 

Life comprises both peaks and valleys. No matter how bad things are right now, you must be brave. Muster the courage within you and face reality. Confront your fears, because only then you’ll be able to overcome them. 

It’s okay to feel trapped, to feel bad, and to feel angry. Feel those emotions, experience them fully, and let the hurt fuel you to design a better and happier future for yourself.