failure is the way forward (4/5)

failure is the way forward (4/5)

Key Takeaway #2: Failure is the Way Forward

We are well well familiar with the famous old adage, “Failure is a stepping stone to success.” Yet most of us think of failure and success as mutually exclusive. 

Both failure and success are intertwined and are crucial to living an exceptional life. You have to experience all seasons of life to make it worth living. After all, it’s the cumulative lessons of a lifetime of peaks and valleys — all the failures and successes that come your way — that help you develop mastery, grit, discipline and determination. 

You must open yourself to failures. Inaction fuels fear; if you want to overcome fear of failure, you must take some action. You must do something (even a little act works!) that helps you escape inertia and gets you moving forward. 

Instead of letting motivation and emotion drive action, focus on taking action and let it fuel your motivation and emotion. 

Don’t wait to feel inspired or motivated to start your side hustle. Instead, take action today. Make a discipline to wake up early and work on it for 1-2 hours every day before you go to work. Results demand action. And as you apply consistent efforts towards your passion project and as you gather momentum over time, you’ll not only feel motivated and inspired even more but you’ll also experience the joy and fulfillment of getting meaningful work done.