fear is a great motivator

fear is a great motivator
Photo by Alexandra Gorn / Unsplash

Kenneth McFarland, a captivating orator, once shared a story:

There was a hardworking man who consistently labored until midnight and usually opted to walk home.

One enchanting night, bathed in the moon's luminous glow, he decided to take a shortcut through the cemetery instead of walking around it, as it considerably reduced his travel distance. This became a habit for several nights, even as the moon gradually diminished. Despite the pitch-black darkness, he became acquainted with the path through the cemetery, feeling confident in his ability to navigate it safely.

However, one fateful night, as he ventured forth amidst the obscurity, his feet unexpectedly slipped out from under him, plunging him into a freshly dug grave.

Struggling to escape, he discovered that his height fell short, and the grave's depth posed an insurmountable obstacle. He tried his best but inadvertently caused loose soil to cascade down upon himself. Being practical, he deduced that the gravediggers would return the following morning. So, he wrapped his coat around him, huddled in a corner of the grave, and attempted to sleep.

An hour later, another passerby traversed the cemetery. Without warning, he too slipped into the grave from the opposite end, making futile endeavors to climb out.

Contemplating his predicament, the first man broke the silence and remarked, "My friend, you'll never escape that way." Remarkably, the second man swiftly defied the odds and emerged from the grave.

This tale illustrates a profound truth: both individuals possessed the inherent potential to extricate themselves from that pit. However, this potential remained dormant until ignited by motivation. It highlights the notion that within each of us lies the capacity to rise above defeat. We all possess untapped potential, awaiting a powerful catalyst to unleash it.