feel good about spending money

feel good about spending money
Photo by Clay Banks / Unsplash
"The universe operates through dynamic exchange. Giving and receiving are different aspects of the same flow of energy in the universe."
– Deepak Chopra

When you hand over money to pay for something, you have a choice in how you think about it. You can feel sad that your money is going away. Or you can feel happy knowing your money is helping others.

It's better to feel love when you spend money. Don't focus on having less money in your wallet or account. Instead, imagine how your money is helping the company you're paying and the people who work there. Your payment allows them to get paid and support themselves and their families.

Picture all the good your money does when you make a purchase. The cashier gets a paycheck because of transactions like yours. The company can pay its employees, buy supplies, and keep operating. All those people are able to make a living thanks to customers like you spending money at their business.

If you feel bad when letting go of your money, it makes it harder to bring more money to you down the road. But if you have a positive attitude and feel love and gratitude when spending, that energy helps attract more money into your life. Feeling good about using your money to support others and the economy creates an abundant mindset.

The difference between resenting every payment or embracing spending money is huge. Negative feelings make you feel poor and limited. But if you feel love and appreciation when money flows out of your life, that same energy allows money to keep flowing back to you. Choose to make spending a joyful, loving experience.