feel it to release it

Do you think that it’s possible to go through life without feeling heartbroken, without having friction with your fellow humans, without feeling dis-ease, without experiencing pain whether it’s physical or emotional, or without losing someone or something that you hold dear to your heart? Of course not, in fact all these things are what make this human experience that we have into, well, human. 

So, a good question that we can all ask our higher selves is this, “How do I deal with this pain?”

An important thing that we must keep in perspective in this regard is that the only way to overcome this pain is to stare it right in the face. Here too, the obstacle is the way. We must go through the pain if we want to let go of it. We must feel it to release it. As Robin Sharma writes, “… we get disappointed, we experience loss. We get rejected, all those human things that happen as we build a career, build a business, build a life that’s just life happening. And what society says is, ‘Run away from the pain, don’t feel. Weak people feel.’ And yet the reality is if you look at psychology, if you look at emotionality in order to release a toxic feeling, the best way out is straight in. That’s the power of purifying your heart set.”

Every feeling, whether it’s good or bad, is like a story. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. If you muster the courage within you to go through the “middle chunk of hell” that involves disappointment, despair, anger, resentment, grief, self-hate, regret, soon it fades away and you equip yourself to heal the hurt. As Neale Donald Walsch put it, “ “What you resist, persists. What you look at disappears.”

If we follow what other people in the society do and keep these toxic feelings inside, those suppressed emotions become obstacles in our path to greater success and happiness. They deteriorate our creative energy, our inner genius, our productivity, our courage, our innate drive to the right thing, our goodness, our authenticity and our vulnerability. 

If we want to pursue the path of greatness and join the league of global exceptionalists, we must go through the pain, the hurt and become comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

Whenever you come across a challenge, a roadblock or a crisis, pay attention to the difficult feelings and embrace them. Don’t run away from them, experience them fully, feel them and then as you reach the end, release them. 

Everything is transient in this world, including the hurts and ensuing toxic feelings that you come across. The sooner you become brave and open and willing to sit with them in the cold and painful darkness, the closer you get to the warm and soothing light at the end of it.