few ideas to help you feel good about bills

few ideas to help you feel good about bills
Photo by Chanhee Lee / Unsplash

I am reading a book titled “The Secret to Love, Health, and Money: A Masterclass” book by Rhonda Byrne at the moment and I stumbled upon a few ideas that can help us feel good, not bad, about the bills we receive every month. I wanted to share these tips with you as well today, as I think they can really help you reframe your perception toward bills and think of them as allies, not adversaries, in achieving financial success.

If you find yourself short on cash, it's likely that getting bills in the mail won't brighten your day. The key is not to let a hefty bill trigger negative emotions, as that negativity can attract even more financial obligations your way. The crucial point is to cultivate a positive mindset when settling your bills—no matter how you achieve it. Avoid paying bills when you're in a funk, as doing so may invite larger bills into your life. Instead, focus on fostering a sense of prosperity despite the financial challenges surrounding you. The trick is to find a method that resonates with you, allowing you to maintain a positive outlook.

To shift your emotional response, leverage your imagination to transform bills into something uplifting. Picture them not as burdensome bills but as voluntary contributions born out of appreciation for the excellent service provided by each company or individual.

A game devised by Byrne to transform her perspective on bills was to pretend they were actually checks. Opening each one, she'd jubilantly exclaim, "More money for me! Thank you. Thank you." Mentally adding a zero to each bill, she created a list on a notepad titled "I have received," expressing gratitude for each amount. Tears of gratitude welled in her eyes as she paid each bill in her mind with genuine thanks, envisioning the augmented amounts until she amassed sufficient funds to settle them.

Crucially, she refrained from opening bills until she had convinced herself they were checks. Any attempt to confront them before this mental shift triggered a stomach-churning anxiety, which she knew would only attract more bills. To counter this fear, she consciously replaced it with feelings of joy, paving the way for increased financial abundance. This game became her beacon in the face of mounting bills, ultimately transforming her life.

You too can incorporate these principles to alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with receiving bills, thus triumphing over your financial challenges.