figuring out our needs and wants

If we want to take 100% responsibility for our lives, we also need to take absolute responsibility for having what we need and what we want and being completely at peace with it.

Sometimes, we give a much bigger priority to other people’s needs and wants. We work towards figuring them out by knowing people better. Instead, we can use our time to focus within and learn ways to tune into ourselves. It takes consistent practice, but we can learn to listen to ourselves.

We need to know what things make us feel better. We need to learn to pay attention to what our mind, body, heart and soul are trying to tell us. We need to figure out what our feelings are trying to communicate to us. We need to get in touch with the intuition within us.

We can trust ourselves; we are much wiser than we think we are. Our needs and want are valid and we can work towards fulfilling them. Instead of discounting ourselves, we can learn to participate in having our needs met.

As we tread on this path, we can be patient with ourselves as we learn to take better care of ourselves by identifying what we truly need and want.