We all need to come up with filters that prevent us from associating with thoughts and actions that can cause harm to ourselves and others. In the spur of the moment and fueled by the momentum that has been building up, we can easily get carried away to think, speak or do certain things that don’t align us even if we know they can have dire consequences.

Along with keeping us aligned, these filters also enhance our well-being and our living experience. These filters are essentially questions that we need to ask ourselves repeatedly so that we don’t sway away from the path of our inner peace and happiness. Some of them can be:

  1. Is this a satisfying thought?
  2. Will this make me a better person?
  3. Will my Higher self/Inner being do this?
  4. Will my parents and/or children feel proud when they see me doing this?
  5. Is thinking or doing this worth it?
  6. Is this a good use of my time, energy and attention?
  7. Do I find meaning and alignment in this?
  8. WHY am I doing this?
  9. Am I running after momentary pleasure or choosing long-term joy?
  10. Are my actions aligning with my core values?

The goal of filters is to get better clarity in the present moment so that we make wise choices and decisions, take care of ourselves and others, and refrain from going in the downward spiral.