find joy in ordinary things

find joy in ordinary things

“Joy comes to us in moments—ordinary moments. We risk missing out on joy when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary.”

― Brené Brown, Daring Greatly

Many of us get so involved in hustling and crushing goals that we start focusing too much on our destinations, and stop relishing the journey that we’re taking along the way. Don’t let achieving a mighty goal dictate your happiness. It’s not wise to keep all your excitement and wonder locked up exclusively for moments when you hit major milestones. 

The downside of rushing through life focusing on your to-do lists and deadlines is that you miss the tiny, ordinary things that bring joy to you every day. Don’t let haste and hurry rob you of these precious moments, because it’s these very moments that you’ll miss the most in the future. These simple, everyday moments are what breathe life into us as we work towards our big, hairy and audacious goals. 

As you go through your life, stop yourself and bask in the magic of these ordinary moments. Some of them may be:

  1. That delicious cup of chai latte in the cozy coffee shop near your workplace.
  2. That beautiful wall of jasmine flowers you always see while walking in your neighborhood.
  3. Those wonderful instances where you see your groceries and packages delivered in front of your home entrance. 
  4. Your workout sessions and little, pleasant interactions with other people at the gym. 
  5. The audiobooks and podcasts that you listen to in your commute to work.

Instead of rushing and running around, cultivate the habit of acknowledging the ordinary things in your everyday life and finding joy in them. This will not only help you relieve your stress and anxiety, but also elevate your mood and bring a positive transformation in your personal and professional life.