focus on positive thoughts

focus on positive thoughts

The human brain has a natural negativity bias. We can’t command our mind to get rid of negative thoughts. The more effort we put towards not thinking about them, the more we end up thinking about them. 

According to the Law of Replacement, “you can’t replace something with nothing – you have to replace it with something else.” Or else, you create a mental vacuum that will suck the previous thought back in.

That’s why, whenever you notice yourself encountering a negative thought that induces fear and worry within you, immediately replace it with a positive thought instead. It might take some time to develop this skill, but like all other things, the more you practice it, the better you’ll get.

For example, if you want to become debt-free, become aware of toxic thoughts such as “What if I’m never able to pay off my huge debt?” Instead, think, “I’ll absolutely get rid of all my debt, it’s just a matter of time.” And then go a step further and visualize living a life free of any kind of debt and taking the next important steps that’ll help you attain financial freedom and build wealth for yourself and your loved ones.

You can also imagine how it would be to live a millionaire lifestyle and have access to all the wealth and abundance that you’ve been wanting your entire life. What you focus on, expands. The more time you spend on dwelling on these uplifting thoughts, the greater your chances will become of living the life of your dreams.