four words to end any potential conflict

We’ve all been in arguments and fights with other people. We all know how trivial things can turn into big disagreements making the situation ugly and downright awful. 

As much as we are tempted to go in the rage train in those moments, anger is not the solution. 

At its core, all conflicts are about who’s right and who’s wrong. We all have this inherent need and desire within us to be right. 

There’s absolutely nothing that our ego loves more than being right. That’s why it’s incredibly important that we practice letting go of this attachment to maintain sanity and calm in our lives and others’.

I recently came across four words introduced by Dr. Wayne Dyer that could end any potential argument, fight or conflict. He wrote, “The choice to let go and let God, in a quest to eliminate our attachment to being right, is simplified with these few words: You’re right about that. But keep in mind that kindness and sincerity are necessary here, as opposed to sarcasm or insincerity. Those four words will gradually open the entry point to a road that leads through letting go and letting God, to experiencing more significance in life.”

Simple, isn’t it? Just four words to soothe someone’s ego and take our conversations and interactions in a brighter direction.