free yourself from anxiety

free yourself from anxiety

“Today, I escaped my anxiety, or rather, I discarded it, for it is within me.”

― Marcus Aurelius

Anxiety is a slow poison, a silent parasite that clings to us and destroys our well-being and our lives. 

It’s easy to get anxious and overwhelmed. To become worried and get stressed in the modern world. Whether it be about your work, your relationships, your health or your finances, don’t let anxiety consume you. Don’t let it rob you of your innate goodness, positivity and vitality. It’s just not worth it. 

Take a few moments today or tomorrow as you sit in the peacefulness of a new morning to reflect on how the anxiety within you is holding you back. Think of all the costs you have paid and continue to pay because of it. Think of all the opportunities you’ve lost because of it. Think of all the wonderful experiences and conversations it’s keeping away from. Think of all the times when it changed you to someone else, something else, and all the damage and pain it caused because of that. Think of how it’s keeping you away from living a happier and fuller life. 

Your anxiety is not making your life better or easier, in fact it’s hurting you and sabotaging your success and happiness. It’s time you free yourself from its clutches. 

Don’t let the negativity from the past or the fears of the future overwhelm you. Don’t let them prey on your precious life force. Instead, focus your mind on living your best self in the present moment. And as you do that, remember the three things that Marcus Aurelius said we need to live a happy and joyous life:

  1. Objective Judgment (The discipline of perception)
  2. Unselfish deeds (The discipline of action)
  3. Wholehearted acceptance of the things and events outside our control (The discipline of will)

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