frustration and confusion precedes growth

frustration and confusion precedes growth

[This essay is an excerpt from my book, Elevation.]

There are times when we feel stuck and resent our situation. Gaining clarity seems improbable, and we just can’t seem to find the path that leads us to a better and aligned life. We get angry and hopeless. We get frustrated and confused.

But only when we are pushed against the wall do we learn the important life lessons that we were meant to learn. Through facing challenging circumstances, we are able to graduate to a new level of understanding. We reach a higher ground.

Only through contrasting experiences, we attain expansion. Unless we face friction, we won’t realize the breadth and depth of our flaws and our misaligned beliefs.

In times of frustration and confusion, we need to develop restraint, patience, and calm. We can meditate on impermanence and remind ourselves of the words of the old Persian adage: This too shall pass.

We need to believe that clarity is right around in the corner. Fighting moments of frustration and confusion will cause us more pain and suffering; instead, we can start accepting and embracing them. As we ask questions, we need to firmly believe that the answers will come to us.

With the newly acquired wisdom and knowledge and a belief in self, we will grow on both human and spiritual planes. We won’t be stuck forever and we’ll start climbing the ladder of success, well-being, and prosperity again. It’s all a matter of time and perception.