geniuses are often misunderstood

Geniuses are a different breed altogether. They have very specific needs and requirements to perform and function at their optimum best.

Geniuses are often misunderstood by their peers and other people in the society. They are considered eccentric and even recluses.

But they know what deserves priority. For them their craft, their mission and their impact comes first before anything else. Geniuses know that they need to operate on another level because ultimately only they are responsible for making the best use of the gifts and talents that they have been bestowed with.

They are very diligent about using their time; they are supreme accountants of their minutes. It’s not that they don’t enjoy meaningless pursuits and the temptations that the world provides them but they experience them sparingly so that they are able to devote more time towards things that give them immense meaning and joy.

Genius is in the realm of every person, it’s not restricted to the elite few. We’re all cut with the same cloth; it’s just that the pattern and designs that make us shine are different for everyone.

Once you find something that resonates with your core values, and fulfills and adds value to your life and others’, it’s up to you to choose whether you want to master your craft and walk on the path of genius. But be prepared that you will also walk away from the herd. You will be judged, called upon, made fun of and questioned more often than you want.

Genius is not misalignment (the way other people perceive it). Genius is about aligning to your true potential and to your Inner Being. Yes, geniuses are misunderstood by the majority of people on this planet, but they are also revered by the supreme amongst us.

Geniuses invest their time, energy and attention on pushing boundaries, not only the ones they have but also the ones that humanity has made. And this is not a pleasant sight for most of us who have adapted to the status-quo and accepted it as our reality.

Geniuses have a different level of perception; their rational choices may seem irrational to most of the population.

Regardless of who they are, geniuses need our love, support and respect. It’s important that we nurture and encourage them, not question or demean them. After all, they are the makers, creators and the exceptionalists amongst us who are birthing new discoveries and inventions and making the world a better place to live in.

The amazing era that we are living in right now, and all the wonderful eras that humanity has experienced and will experience in the future are because of the geniuses who saw the world that others didn’t see.

Geniuses believe in what other people don’t see; they are connoisseurs of abstract, not material. They play in a different arena than most of us. Instead of doubting them, we need to trust them and be there to help them meet their needs and requirements.

Geniuses are ordinary people trying to achieve the extraordinary. Unless, we start living our own genius, we won’t be able to truly understand their pursuits. We may or may not live our genius, nonetheless we should ensure that we don’t obstruct or come in the way of someone is trying their best to do their genius work and leave a footprint on this world for others to follow and get inspired by.