get yourself in the league of extraordinary

Our associations determine our mindset and the level of success that we attract. If we want to become better, we need to surround ourselves with people and mentors who are better than us.

We can indulge in conversations, activities and adventures that stretch us. We may feel uncomfortable in the process, but in the end we’ll be grateful for our growth.

We can read and listen to books written by the elite, and deconstruct their mindset and understand their respective philosophies. When we read books, we essentially engage ourselves in conversations with the wise and knowledgeable wherein they instruct us how to face the daily challenges, frustrations and setbacks and how to overcome them so that we propel ourselves into the orbit of extraordinary.

Life is all about progress; it’s an experience to evolve ourselves, an opportunity to live our truth and potential. We make it worthwhile when we surround ourselves with the extraordinary. As we spend more time with them, we eventually become one of them. And as we join this league, we know that we are making the best use of our time and the life force within us and are leaving a legacy that will serve others even when we’re no more.