getting rid of distractions (2/3)

[This three-part essay is an excerpt from my book, The Way of The Karma Yogi.]

A good start would be to restrict our usage of social media and unnecessary digital tools and reconnect back to the physical world. Many of us are hooked to our smartphones and the popular apps therein majority of the time. We need to act imminently and take a closer look at the apps and the incessant notifications that we get. As we remove the time and energy draining apps from our phones and get rid of notifications and subscriptions, we start to realize that all of these were actually mini-distractions that were collectively ruining our mental peace and focus. We also realize the depth of our addiction to devices and resolve to change our digital habits and behaviors. 

An effective antidote to these omnipresent distractions is to embark on the journey of minimalism and essentialism. Not only we gain focus and clarity, but we also become more conscious of the repercussions of these distractions and build systems and strategies to guard our wellbeing and lives against them. It’s wise to step away from the digital noise as that helps us align with our Inner Being and our true interests. If we keep checking other people’s lives on social media and if we keep focusing on the number of friends and followers that we are gathering on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, then we’re not paying attention to the bigger picture here. We are clouding our vision by short-term electronic pleasures.

Human beings are meant to be creators. When we create something and pour our love and energy into our work, we add to the greater good. That’s where our precious attention should go. We have to pay attention to the work we want to do and express our creativity in the best way possible. In order to bring our desired success into fruition, we need to start paying attention to our purpose and get determined to accomplish it no matter what.

And when we are not working, there are better alternatives to relax and rejuvenate in our lives, rather than dwelling unconsciously on the Internet. There is no need to be glued to our screens in search for better deals and offers, useless videos or keep browsing various social media aimlessly and endlessly. They are like black holes that rob us of our time and attention. Connect with the realness. Connect with your realness!