getting rid of distractions (3/3)

[This three-part essay is an excerpt from my book, The Way of The Karma Yogi.]

Social media puts pressure on us to become someone who we are not. We end up broadcasting everything that we do and get into the trap of comparing our lives with others’. We believe in the illusion of everyone else living a fairytale life and us having to go through a futile, endless struggle. We end up giving rise to anxiety, depression, envy, jealousy and other negative emotions inside us. It’s time we stop facilitating these innocuous seeming repetitive cuts at our focus, creativity, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Our attention ends up defining what kind of life we live. Our attention is priceless and we are a hundred percent responsible for it. On an everyday basis, we make infinite micro-decisions about where we want to divert our attention to. And the more noise we surround ourselves with, the more we get distracted and the more we exhaust our creative faculties.

The best way to find our passion and do the work that really fulfills us is to detach ourselves of all the distractions and noise around us.  And focus all our energies on building a vision for ourselves and the ideal lifestyle we want to live. We have to be on our own team and we need to start working for ourselves.

We have to stop living according to the society’s standards and get into unnecessary peer pressure. It’s up to us to educate ourselves and do a deep introspection about what brings true joy and value in our lives. We need to look ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves some important questions. As we start addressing these questions and seeking their answers, a shift of paradigm will take place within us. We will start paying attention to constructing a life for us that reflects meaning, truth, and intentionality — a life that is worth living.