give yourself a valuable “time out”

give yourself a valuable “time out”

“Renewal is the principle—and the process—that empowers us to move on an upward spiral of growth and change, of continuous improvement.”

— Stephen Covey

If you’re a personal development enthusiast like me, I’m sure you’ll be aware of the notion that the best investment you’ll ever make in your entire lifetime is the investment you make in yourself

Yes, this means acquiring relevant resources and learning materials and educating yourself every single day. But it also refers to knowing when to take a step back and replenishing your energy reserves. Self-renewal is key to long-lasting success. 

Continual hustling can easily take a toll on us. And here’s the thing: you’ll never make it to your chosen destination if you become negligent and run out of gas along the way. That’s why I encourage you to give yourself a valuable “time out” from your daily life and spend a few days enhancing and preserving the greatest asset that you have — You. Just redirect your time and energy towards sharpening your saw. Spend some time re-aligning with your core values, your Why, and your ideal vision for your life. Along with that, work towards reigniting your motivation so that you take bold and courageous actions towards your dreams. 

This is also a perfect opportunity to recommit to holistic success. Make a conscious decision to eat better, exercise more, sleep smarter, wake up earlier and cultivate mindfulness, discipline and high-performance habits. This will help you have the drive, determination, energy and vitality you need to stay in the game and accomplish your big, hairy and audacious goals. 

Take out your planner, or open Google calendar and schedule a time out for yourself right now. I’m sure the investments and decisions you make for your success and overall well-being during this period will pay huge dividends in the months and years to come.