give yourself grace

If you’re a high-achiever, there are some great things going for you — you set mighty goals and you have an action plan to accomplish them, you want to show up and give your best every single day, and you have pretty high standards for yourself. But there’s a major downside as well — you’re quick to judge and beat yourself up when you fail.

Many achievers believe they have to be incredibly strict with themselves, otherwise, they may get lazy and take the procrastination route, ruining their chances of winning and living a successful life. But the truth is self-flagellation always backfires; it negatively impacts your well-being and productivity. 

Everyone makes mistakes, even the most successful people out there. There will be times when you’ll face your own missteps and imperfections, and it’s okay. It’s both naive and dangerous to expect yourself to be perfect every day. This is impossible. Instead, it’s much better to give yourself grace and practice self-compassion when things don’t go according to plan. 

Whether you miss a deadline, wake up late, feel unfocused or are not as productive as you wish to be, be gentle with yourself. No single day or delay will define you and your success. Dwelling on your shortcomings will just keep you stuck, not letting you move forward. 

Let go of your anchors, and embrace your imperfections and shortcomings. Just focus on the positive, not on the setbacks. 

Once you become your best friend, not your worst critic, you’ll naturally bring more energy and enthusiasm and do your best work.