giving is a wealth-building habit

giving is a wealth-building habit

If you study the principles of wealth on a consistent basis, you’ll learn over time that the Universe truly wants you to have an abundant life. That’s the way nature works, there’s abundance all around you. Whether you believe it or not, you are born abundant and rich. 

One way you can work with the Universe to create a magnificent and abundant life for yourself is by giving to other people. This is one of the most important and powerful wealth-building principles. 

If you want to receive more money, you must give more money. You have to get rid of the scarcity mindset. You have to stop making excuses like “I don’t have enough money right now. I will give when I accomplish my financial goals.”

Giving is also a wealth-building habit, which means you must practice generosity before you become wealthy, not once you are there.

No matter where you are in the economic ladder right now, start cultivating the habit of giving. Even giving a tiny percentage of your income to others will bring a powerful shift in your mindset and eventually in your life.

Just give without expecting anything in return. Give freely and openly, and know in your heart and your soul that making other people’s lives better or easier is a great reward in itself. 

When you do this consistently, you communicate prosperity consciousness to the Universe. This initiates a positive cycle that keeps feeding upon itself to the point that wealth and abundance end up manifesting in your physical reality.   

As Bob Proctor writes, “By sharing with the world, your actions let the universe know that you believe in advancing others and that there’s more than enough wealth and abundance to go around for everyone. And since like attracts like, if you give freely with the world, the universe will deliver a world that shares back with you.”

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