going with the (right) flow

In the world of self-help and personal growth, different people have different opinions about the phrase ‘going with the flow’. Some look at it in a negative light and some claim that it’s the best way to live our lives. I used to think going with the flow was a positive virtue and then after listening to a few conversations and reading certain posts, I found questioning myself: Is going with the flow the right thing to do?

After much thought and deliberation, I came to the conclusion that the phrase ‘going with the flow’ is not by itself negative or positive. It’s the context that dictates what light we see it in. The same applies to the phrase ‘the path of least resistance’ but that’s another story.

To put it simply, we encounter two flows in our journey of life: the first one being the flow that majority of the people follow, the flow that is perpetuated by the society, and the second flow is our inner flow, the one that goes in alignment with our Inner Being, the Source, our Higher Self, the Infinite Intelligence, God, Nature, whatever you name it. These are the two main contexts when it comes to the words ‘going with the flow’ and as you can see and judge, one can have negative repercussions while the other one can help us become more centered, satisfied and truly successful.

When we go with the flow of the society, essentially we get in the proximity of mediocrity, unhealthy obsessions and compulsions, and we distance ourselves away from our true potential and best version of ourselves. On the other hand, when we go with the flow of our Inner Being, the Source within us, we attract great things in our lives and live a life we truly want to live. We accept and embrace our gifts and start sharing them with the world.

If we look at it broadly, one flow is human, while the other one is spiritual in nature. One is oriented towards instant gratification and is short sighted, while the other one is mightier than us and warrants us to look at the bigger picture.

Going with the flow within, reaching our true potential and living our legend requires us to go against the flow of the society. And if we decide to go with the flow of the external world, we end up fighting the flow of our true nature. It’s up to us which flow we want to go in. If we go with the flow of the society, we might reach at an unsafe territory or end up at a waterfall and fall off; we sign up for our own eventual harm. Whereas, if we flow with the Inner Being, we secure the happiness and tranquility within, rendezvous with profound joy and over time reach a land that mirrors paradise.

Upstream and downstream, it’s all a matter of perspective. What current you want to fight? The choice is yours.

When we go with right flow and start living in alignment with our true self, the journey of life becomes a whole lot easier and smoother.

So, what flow would you like to go with today and for the rest of your life?

Your choice will determine the quality of your life.