greater risk, greater reward

There is duality in everything — day and night, up and down, success and failure, good and bad, light and dark, victory and defeat.

Life works in balance, in an equilibrium — kind of like a pendulum.

That’s why in order to attain great rewards, we need to take great risks.

Reward requires risk.

I don’t want you to misunderstand this and quit your day job to start your own blog or business tomorrow, or do anything that requires you to risk the financial security and safety of you and your family.

The risk that I am talking about involves risking your identity in the society, your ego, and your popularity among your peers. It’s about the critics that you may receive when you step out of the herd to chart your own path, and the negative comments and remarks your family, your loved ones, your friends and unknown strangers may hurl at you.

You need to risk your people-pleasing behaviors and habits, and be open to getting criticism from those people who your previous self wanted to be in good graces with.

When you take extraordinary risks, you attract extraordinary rewards as well.

Countless people have walked on this planet yet only a tiny fraction of them have achieved their extraordinary dreams. They didn’t have the guts and the audacity to risk their lives they were already living to go for the lives that they deserved and were capable of.

You may argue that the life that you have is not that bad; you have attained certain key accomplishments and you’re living a nice and comfortable life.

But that’s the problem. This comfort may be stagnating you and seducing you to stay away from expressing your true potential. It may be propeling you to live a life of quiet desperation.

It’s time to get hungry and foolish again.

If you want to truly live your legend and share your gifts with the world, you’ll have to take certain risks. Only then you’ll be able to embrace the rewards and treasures that the world has in store for you, there’s no other way.