growth takes time

In this digital age when fast and easy is the norm, and where there is an abundance of resources to provide us with instant gratification, we need to constantly remind ourselves to cultivate patience, especially with ourselves and our growth. It takes time to go through experiences, solve problems and tackle obstacles. And the more important the lesson that we’re about to learn, the longer it takes to figure things out and get to it.

The downside of the digital age that we live in is that we distance ourselves from the truth that we humans and our spirits are not at all digital. We’re still analog, we’re still a part of nature. And our growth and transformation happens slowly and steadily, like in nature.  

We are always connected to nature, physically and spiritually, and we grow and change as nature does. And that’s why it’s important that we learn the ways that she works in. We need to study the seasons, patterns and cycles that we see in nature and understand that those seasons, patterns and cycles are also present in each of us. 

Whether it be building a business, learning something new, adjusting to a major life change, forming or ending a friendship or relationship, or letting go of an old habit, as we see in nature, it takes time to change things into what they eventually become. It takes time for things to develop or disintegrate. And each stage of the process of growth and change is important and has a purpose to it. It’s like sowing a seed and then watching it grow every day until eventually it blooms into a flower.

Be patient with yourself and life in general. Slow down and trust the process of growth. As Lao Tzu said, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”