guard your arc reactor against negativity

These are times when we have to constantly remind ourselves of this core success principle: We have to be the gatekeepers of our mind and be hyper-protective of it. 

We may find ways to rationalize and convince ourselves that we need to keep in touch with the COVID-19 pandemic news, such as how many deaths have occurred in our city or country, what the infected celebrities are doing, what did Trump say in his latest media briefing, or whatever. But there’s a difference between staying informed and updated and consuming news and media constantly, I hope you see the difference between these two because just simple awareness of this can alter your mindset.

News and social media consumption for long periods of time are detrimental to our overall health and success, especially in these times. Do you really think knowing all the bad stuff that is happening in the world because of the pandemic will help you lead a better life? 

Of course not. We have almost zero control over things that are being reported on the news channels. But what we have control over is our mind, our thoughts and our actions. And that’s why it’s best to focus our time, energy and attention on pursuits that elevate us and our lives.

When we consume news, we basically expose ourselves to fear, stress and anxiety, and this is the worst thing that we can do for ourselves. Don’t be ignorant and keep your distance from these outlets of negativity. As Darren Hardy points out, “Fear ingested affects your biology. Even if you think it’s not making you more afraid, it is. Even if you think it’s not affecting you, it is.” So, it’s best to nip this bad habit in the bud and stop this self-inflicted turmoil. 

Stop this insanity, and get yourself away from these sources of negativity. And some of them may even be your friends and family members. Limit your connectivity with the negative people around you whether it be via phone calls, texts or Skype or Facetime sessions. And when you do connect, be calm and composed as you speak with them and refrain from adding fuel to the fire of fear that they try to ignite and invite you to. Nah, it’s best to feed the best wolf in them, the one that is hopeful, productive and optimistic. And if you find yourself going in the downward spiral with them in spite of all your best efforts, cut the cord and get back to your positivity bubble, back to the alternate universe that you’ve created for yourself. 

As Arianna Huffington writes in her recent article on Thrive Global, “Just as we’ve had to make drastic changes to our lives to stop the spread of the virus, we need to take urgent steps to safeguard our mental health, too.”

Like Iron Man, you have an arc reactor too right in the middle of your chest. You too have the central power source within you that has the potential to fuel you and power you through your superhero deeds. And if you want to live and perform at your best, you have to safeguard that arc reactor against negativity. You have to feed this central power core within you with everything that’s positive so that you are able to refuel yourself and power yourself through this crisis. 

If you want to be a superhero for your team members, your family and your community, then you have to feed your mind appropriately and protect it against agents that induce toxicity and negativity.