guide on the side

An important thing that we need to consider when looking for a mentor is that they don’t make their lessons overly complicated. Their instructions need to be simple, concise and clear. The quality of a good mentor is that they are able to break down complex ideas and situations into simple, digestible ones.

We need to choose mentors who provide us simple and important insights without any fluff. It’s important that we favor proof over promotion and evaluate their victories before listening to a word from them. We need to find someone who has relevant knowledge and practical wisdom gained from experience to pass down to us. We need to make sure they’re a true master and their heart is in the right place. True mentors are straightforward and have our best interests in their hearts. They know that their job is not to please us, but to tell us what is good for us and our life and giving to us straight when the need is there. If the situation demands, they don’t shy away from giving some tough love in order to correct us.

Our goal is to zero in on an actual advisor, not a marketer. We need to choose someone who is A ‘Guide on the Side’, not a ‘Sage from the Stage’.