hamster on a running wheel

Most of us live our lives like a hamster on a running wheel. We think we are running hard, we think we are progressing ahead but in the end, we are in the same place where we initially started. Unfortunately, the empty pursuits that we engage in don’t take us much further in life. And we end up spending all our time in the cage, never truly exploring and experiencing what the world has to offer.

That’s why it’s important that we become conscious of our journey. We need to play the long game, and design a lifestyle that is built around capitalizing on our gifts and producing assets that reflect our genius. Unless we are doing work that aligns with our interior empires and our unique greatness, and achieving extraordinary productivity and performance with genuine profound joy, satisfaction and inner peace, we are not too different from a hamster on a running wheel. We live under the illusion that we are moving forward yet all the time remaining in the cage.