happiness is everlasting

happiness is everlasting

“Happiness is not the fleeting emotion of excitement that comes and goes, but rather a deep sense of contentment that is everlasting.”

—  Andy Puddicombe

Happiness is analogous to the blue sky. No matter how many clouds, storms and bolts of lightning come up, the blue sky is always present. We think that we are burdened by distractions, obligations and everyday stresses that we just cannot avoid but we fail to understand that the inner state of serenity, tranquility and happiness is always within us. We just need to acknowledge and accept it, especially when we feel distressed and overwhelmed. I suggest watching the Blue sky animation from the Headspace app as it’s a perfect representation of this metaphor.

If happiness is always within us and if no one can take it away from us, then what’s the reason to worry about? Our mind likes telling us stories and keeping us alert so that we’re able to survive the evil and dangerous world that is plotting and scheming against us. That’s its innate nature. We have to gently nudge it every day towards happiness, well-being and abundance. Happiness is a state of mind. Doing actions that benefit us and others and focusing on good karma helps us sustain our well-being in this crowded, distracted world. An intentional act of kindness – even a little one – can go a long way.

Tapping into the happiness within can be a life-long journey. But for now, we need to acknowledge and accept that we can’t fight for something we already have. Don’t let the obligations and busyness of everyday life fool you into believing that you have lost your happiness in the daily struggle. It’s always within you, you just need a few moments to get a glimpse of it.

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