happiness is in the journey

happiness is in the journey

We need to realize that happiness is not bound by conditions. If we make happiness our priority, there will be times when we will be disappointed. We are conditioned by society, media, news, magazines, tabloids and social media that happy people are the ones who are visiting all the amazing vacation spots, getting a diploma from a prestigious university, earning millions of dollars through their job or business, having an extraordinary social circle and an amazing love life. These things are great but they are incorrect metrics for happiness.

Happiness is a subtle feeling and in order to attain a happy state, a change in perception is needed. It is more about enjoying the present moment and having the sense of belonging to the truth within us. It is in alignment with the beauty within us and the beauty of the world as it is. 

Happiness is not outcome-based but it is more about having a life that we enjoy. When we live a life that is in alignment with our intentions and our personality, we get in touch with the happiness and are able to experience more of it on a day-to-day basis. When we utilize our talents and do something meaningful in our lives we get more in tune with the happiness within us. 

If we choose happiness as our destination, we will be tied to it. The prison of the destination will cage the freedom of our journey. Happiness is in the journey, in the present moment. Instead of constantly pursuing it, we need to detach from it and instead commit to a life of meaning, excellence and contribution.