hope and action

When we find ourselves defeated, vulnerable or simply amongst difficult challenges and circumstances, we can either wallow in self-pity or victimhood, or take charge and work towards correcting our situation.

Sometimes, an external entity, a person, a speech, a quote or a book instills hope insides us, sometimes we conjure it within ourselves naturally thanks to our constructive beliefs. This hope fuels us to take relevant and necessary actions so that we are able to get ourselves and our lives back on track.

Sometimes, even if we feel lack of hope and positivity inside, we need to swallow the despair and take actions that inch us closer towards a better life. With time, as we act and gradually make our circumstances better, hope starts birthing and growing inside us.

Both hope and action have a synergistic relationship. When we take relevant, aligned actions, hope prospers and when we become hopeful and optimistic about our future, we become more inspired to take actions.

Regardless of how we continue our journey of reclaiming our life, success, health, well-being or happiness, we need both hope and action to bring the change that we desire in our lives. Both of them rely on each other and as one grows, the other grows too starting a positive feedback loop.

If you find yourself stuck right now, no matter what your circumstances are, focus on the alignment inside and start taking corrective actions or simply start nesting the light of hope inside yourself. It may take some time and consistent efforts, but you’ll definitely get back on the higher ground of life.