how to compound your productivity

High-achievers not only use their time wisely, but they also equip and empower others to maximize their productivity. They understand the limitations of individual efforts and in order to score more wins, they invest their resources in building teams that maximize their impact. 

Extremely successful people are equippers; they develop a tight-knit community of leaders in order to multiply their influence. They are well aware of the fact it’s not trophies and accolades, but people that carry on legacies. 

Super productive people invest their time and energy mentoring and positively impacting others and watch the ripple effect of their leadership spread through them. They pursue excellence and significance over the long-term and this is what propels them to ensure that their successors succeed. They know that time is a non-renewable resource, and that’s why they choose to spend it wisely by pouring their best selves in the lives of others.