how to create perennial prosperity

As humans, our desires and our goals are always changing. And that’s why the key to perennial prosperity is our commitment to personal growth and our constant evolution. 

The more creative we are and the more open and willing to experiment with new ideas we are, the more prosperous we become. As Leanne Jacobs explains, “Prosperity is really just the manifestation of creative energy. You might be really creative or have these great ideas that will manifest into money, but it’ll become stagnant in the end and eventually draw you into a comfort zone. To avoid slipping into a comfort zone, stay on your creative toes. That’s what creates long-lasting prosperity.”

The world is constantly changing, and if we don’t adapt and evolve with it, we start falling behind. Creativity, adaptability, and flexibility drive prosperity, it’s as simple as that. As Jacobs adds, “What made you money 10 years ago might still bring you some income today, but you’re always going be in a place where you need evolution and renewed energy to get to that next level.”