how to deal with your past

Until time-traveling becomes the norm, our past cannot be erased or altered. What has happened has happened, and there is no going back. But we can still change our past and the events that happened by changing the lens through which we see it. In order to take control of our present and our future, we need to make peace with our past.

The only way forward is to take in and curate all the lessons that we have learned so far and use them when challenges in our present and future emerge. No one has a perfect past, but we do have the luxury to choose a different lens and change the way we perceive it. We can give a positive spin to the obstacles and adversities that we faced and be grateful for their role in shaping our character and forging our fortitude, and for the person that we have become today.

Feelings of guilt, anger, and despair if perpetuated will tarnish our present moments. Only by releasing them and viewing the past events in the right light will help us dial in with the right emotions that will take us ahead with steadiness and courage.