how to do a decade review (2/4)

Once you’re done with taking your inventory for the past year, because in a couple of weeks we’ll be entering a whole new decade, it’s time to do one more round for the past ten years. Here are some prompts for you to perform the end of decade review:

  • 10 greatest happenings from the last decade.
  • What things am I most proud of from the last decade?
  • Ten biggest lessons I learned in the past decade.
  • What influences (books, people, ideas, products, other things) had the greatest impact on me in the last decade?
  • Three biggest risks I took in the past decade.
  • What people, behaviors or habits, goals and projects, resentments, and limiting beliefs I’m willing to let go of in the next decade? (Note: This is a very important question, so I would urge you to take your time and go through them one by one.)

Again, don’t worry too much about your answers, just focus on honest truths.