how to recognize a humanitarian

Outward clothing can tell a lot about a person and their vocation or interests.

A lawyer dresses in an expensive suit. A physician wears a white coat and a stethoscope. A sportsperson dons a jersey during the game. A firefighter puts on his gear at work. A monk mostly shows up in robes. 

Having said that, the outward appearance may not always reveal what the person is about. For example, a humanitarian — someone who practices philosophy and pursues personal growth in their everyday life — has no uniform. They don’t have a stereotype. It’s tough to isolate them from the crowd. 

They don’t belong to one single religion, culture, caste or creed. They are scattered everywhere around the globe.

So how do you identify a humanitarian in this vast, convoluted world? Or communicate to others that you’re one?

The answer lies in simply focusing on the fundamentals, on the qualities that a humanitarian exudes  — kindness, strength of character and generosity.