how your ego keeps you stuck

One of the things that keeps us stuck in our lives is our own inflated ego. 

Many of us are only concerned about our image and the way we portray ourselves to others and the world. This image is nothing but a facade, a false front, in reality. We are only worried about how other people perceive us rather than simply being ourselves and working towards becoming a better version of ourselves day by day. 

As Darren Hardy explains in his recent mentoring session, “The ego wants you to keep your mask on. To try to be like others. So that you will be liked by others. Acceptance and status is the ego’s game. Not growth and self-actualization.”

The ego wants us to get in the comparison trap and stay there. It compels us to do whatever it takes to keep up with others even if the actions and behaviors that we participate in are stupid, unproductive, destructive, and not in alignment with our true selves. In order to become a part of a group, we desert our authentic selves and the meaningful pursuit of personal expansion. In other words, our ego and its selfishness, neediness, compulsions, addictions and inane obsessions keep us anchored and stuck.

In order to progress ahead in our personal and professional lives, we have to destroy our toxic ego. Only then we’ll be able to become a truly authentic person and live a more happy and fulfilled life. As Ryan Holiday writes in his book Ego is the Enemy, “When we remove ego, we’re left with what is real.”