the three foundational principles for perennial success (2/3)

[This three-part essay is an excerpt from my book, Elevation.]

Principle#2Always Be Giving

Giving is living. The way to a superior life is the way of service and contribution. We can never aim for an abundant life if we are not givers. Some people are natural givers, while some are not. And if you belong to the latter category, it’s important that you become one, as giving without any expectations is an essential behavior to thrive and prosper as a human. 

Even if it seems counterintuitive, we need to learn to give away our talents, energy and our money freely to others to attract abundance. A great reference to follow is ‘The Canvas Strategy’ by Ryan Holiday. He beautifully explains how generosity and giving up the short-term gain for long-term success is a great way to go.

When we think about what we are getting out of something instead of how we can serve and contribute, not only do we limit our growth and flow of abundance, but we can also get in the unproductive habit of complaining. Whether you are an intern who has just started, a person who hates his day job and is undergoing a career crisis, a budding entrepreneur or a leader in your field of work, when we adopt giving as our go-to strategy, we always win.

We should always strive to find more meaningful ways to give. And understand that it doesn’t matter what our position or status is, we always have opportunities around us to add value to other people’s lives. In the words of Robin Sharma, we need to lead without a title.