Humility is a great virtue shared by the uber-successful amongst us. They know that if they don’t pay attention, their success might derail them. They build a defense shield against arrogance and bring gratitude to the equation whenever they can to stay on course.

If we let our ego swell up when we stand at the mighty heights of success, we distance away from doing the key and small seemingly insignificant actions that brought success to us in the first place.

As a creator, an exceptionalist and a leader in our chosen fields, our primary duty is to serve people. If we let our success get in our heads and let our greatness overwhelm others then we lose touch with people who matter the most to us.

We need to cultivate a learner’s mindset so that we remain humble and our mind and heart remain open, and refrain from becoming an expert and authority in our chosen fields, where we start settling and stagnating.

If we want to serve people with love and genuineness, then we need to chuck our ego and arrogance out of the window. No matter how wealthy and/or popular you get, be humble, because everything is impermanent and the journey of success never truly ends.