"i don’t have enough time"

When we keep saying the phrase “I don’t have enough time” to others, it’s an indicator that our life is out of whack.

The more we keep telling others that we are running short on time, the stronger this belief gets in our head. And soon, it becomes an excuse for us to not participate in enriching activities and behaviors, fostering inaction and procrastination within us.

If we take a stock of the minutes that we spend during the course of our days, we will shortly realize that we’re wasting time on insignificant things instead of using it diligently.

Wasting time is inevitable but we can strive to minimize it so that we have more of it in our grasp to use it doing things that bring meaning, purpose and joy in our lives.

So many of us waste our time getting engrossed in pictures and videos on social media and video sharing platforms, following entertainment news and celebrity gossip, binge-watching TV shows and movies, and aimlessly shopping online and offline.

We need to stop wasting our fleeting moments on meaningless activities and put them to a better use. Instead of affirming to ourselves and others that we don’t have enough time, we can track how we are spending our minutes and make some positive changes.

We need to be brutally honest with ourselves and take corrective measures to save our time and attention.

Time is the most essential currency that we have, and the more deliberately and intentionally we use it, the better life we get to live.