if you’re feeling a lack of motivation, do this

if you’re feeling a lack of motivation, do this

Maybe things are not going as they should. Maybe you’re feeling a lack of purpose in your life. Maybe you’re a 9-to-5 employee who is no longer interested in their profession and for whom work has started seeming like a chore. Maybe you’re a college or university student who has lost passion for the field of study that they chose. Maybe you’re a businessperson who has lost their steam and doesn’t know what project or venture to focus on next.  

If there’s one key truth that we must understand, it’s this: Life is never linear, and it’s normal and natural for us to change over time. 

There would have been things that you enjoyed in the past, but no longer spend any time doing today. And things you love doing right now that you might no longer find fun and worth your time and effort in the future. 

Discovering your mission and your true purpose in life is a journey, not a destination. It’s akin to an onion, you have to go through multiple layers in order to get to the core. Contrary to the popular belief, it takes time and tons of experiences and experimentation to finally figure out what kind of work truly resonates with you and your gifts. 

Finding your purpose is not like a light switch that you simply flip on. In reality, the process involves trying lots of different things and hence finding things that you find genuinely compelling and exhilarating through a simple trial and error approach. 

If you’re going through a lack of motivation and are feeling frustrated and confused, then the best solution is to take action nonetheless and as the lyrics of the Frozen II song go, just find “the next right thing.” It’s wise to let go of inaction and stagnation, and instead remind yourself of Marie Forleo’s incredibly useful mantra, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.” 

It’s your responsibility to find work that helps you unlock your true potential and gives you the opportunity to make your highest contribution to the world. And to do that, you must be willing to explore around and act consistently. As Coach Corey Wayne guides, “The best medicine for not feeling motivated is to get busy taking action towards accomplishing your grandest goals and dreams. Taking action breeds confidence and courage, but doing nothing breeds fear and doubt. Your purpose and mission is always evolving as you go through the seasons of your life. Give yourself permission to change and alter your approach as you gain experience and wisdom and also to be a beginner again each and every day.” 


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