innate jealousy

We humans have an innate jealousy within us. When we see someone living a successful life, fulfilling their potential and living their genius, it’s human nature to feel threatened. We feel uncomfortable when others reach new heights of success while we remain stagnated in our lives.

And when we undergo a metamorphosis and become an embodiment of our own success and start living a life inclined towards greatness, we get subjected to the same treatment by our fellow humans as well. The critics, the naysayers, and the pessimists start throwing stones at us and bring us down. In those times when we feel like a misfit, an outcast and alone, we need to get back up and use those rocks as stepping stones for our greater success. We need to become empathetic and compassionate towards our critics and trolls because they don’t know any better, like we used to be once upon a time.

As we conquer new realms of success and start living a meaningful and intentional life, we will also start losing people; it’s a fact of life. In those times, we need to reawaken the courage within us and keep going forward. We may lose hundreds and even thousands of people, but we’ll find ourselves in the proximity of a few handful ones who uplift and support us, the few enlightened ones who have overcome the innate jealousy within and become generous, helpful souls guiding us in our path of life.

We need to let go of the nets of toxicity and negativity that our critics and doubters try to cast on us. They keep us caged and trapped. Instead, it’s best to detach from them, and reaffirm our genius and realign with the gifts and the purpose that our Creator has bestowed upon us. After all, we don’t owe our success to them, we owe it to ourselves and our Creator.

Overcoming innate jealousy is not an easy feat but as we embark the journey of personal growth, constant improvement, and attracting greater success, not only do we overcome it but we also inspire others to let go of the negativity and toxicity and achieve their own unique greatness as well.